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About Us

SMARTBeds provides real time information on the available beds in your or nearby hospitals. This saves time for hospitals’ clinical and administrative staff by improving communications fit for the 21st century. Reduced paperwork, happier patients and increased time spent on treating them rather than going through papers are some of the changes users have noticed since using SMARTBeds.

This year of has been very busy for SMARTBeds.They have exhibited at 6 global events, partnered with University of Oxford, are supported by EU and locally as well as fetched some awards along their way to the Learn Do Share exhibition in Ravensbourne this September.

FHNI currently works on its bed management application SmartBeds which will deliver innovation to the UK Healthcare system

Our mission is to offer healthcare technology solutions to provide a more efficient but user-centred, easy to use approach to the current issue of high bed occupation and waiting hours and delays.

At the moment, bed management solutions are old-fashioned whiteboards, telephone calls or even face-to-face meetings between bed managers and hospital ward staff. These solutions are not only inefficient but also time and money consuming.

FHNI’s SmartBeds is the only user-focused bed management application that will raise the efficiency of your hospital by allowing easy and intuitive access over a great variety of devices to provide straightforward patient management.

Core Team

Dr. Paul Moutray

Dr. Paul Moutray

Chief Executive Officer, Director of Product Development UK


Paul Moutray, founder of Future Healthcare, has worked in the healthcare industry for over 15 years, and has learnt about the challenges staff and patients face in a hospital every day. Paul knows hospital work requires staff to respond quickly and effectively, with no room for errors.

“We want to revolutionize the way the healthcare is delivered to improve the patient experience”- Paul Moutray

Ieva Baltalksne

Ieva Baltalksne

Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Customer and Business Development UK


Ieva has been leading marketing and business development nationally and within USA and GCC, creating strong networks. Ieva’s passionate about productivity, mobile and innovation, aiming to bridge the gap between healthcare and design. With a background in sales and marketing strategies, events and business development, design and web development focused on technology start-ups, Ieva sees that the future of healthcare lies within perfecting the healthcare system for the next generation of patients.

“We are confident that vital medical breakthroughs, such as SMART Beds, are at the cutting edge of delivering better future through innovative solutions, leading to high quality care.” – Ieva Baltalksne

Tim Sherwood

Tim Sherwood

Non-Executive Director


Tim Sherwood is on the Board as the Non-Executive Director (NED) of Future Healthcare NI. Tim is also on the Board of the Satellite Applications Catapult. He is an experienced NED, and has been Chairman of the Hospedia Group Ltd and CVLV Group Ltd, and Deputy Chairman of Redstone plc. Before starting his non-executive career, Tim Sherwood held several directorships within the Vodafone Group.

Chris Moutray

Chris Moutray

Chief Technical Officer UK


Chris has over 10 years of experience in software development industry encompassing design, development and architecture, after studying for a BSc honours degree in Computer Science. Chris's interest in providing the highest quality service for hospitals and their patients comes from working on a number of PAS systems as well as their integration with the NHS Choose and Book referral service. Specialising in web technologies, Chris is passionate about best practice, consistency and quality. Chris believes that innovation is key to help reduce costs for the NHS healthcare system.

“Working for FutureHealthcare NI offers an opportunity to explore new and innovate ways to improve healthcare solutions. I like SMARTBeds because it will offer a healthcare solution to maximise efficiency of patient flow.” – Chris Moutray

Collaboration Partner - Oxford University - BioMedical

Web Based Hosted Software Solutions for the UK’s Healthcare Industry.

The research will focus on identifying the current bed management system that leading healthcare institutions in the UK has. The objective at the end of the project will be to have a clear understanding of the Intellectual Property Issues surrounding our product with proposed routes to market and also with a clear statement of commercial potential.