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What is SmartBeds?

SmartBeds is a Saas (Software as a Service) application that helps you manage your Hospital Bed Resources and improve Patienf Flow ( Admission and Discharge ) . SmartBeds helps you manage your assets and infrastructure.

Who is SmartBeds for?

SmartBeds is for anyone who is interested in putting more structure around their Healthcare Service management procedures or to improve Standarisation Procedures in their organisation without frightening their staff or incurring huge implementation and training costs. SmartBeds can suit Small to Medium Clinics/Healthcare Establishments as well as large organisations. Read more about who's using SmartBeds.

Is SmartBeds only for Healthcare businesses?

SmartBeds is geared towards putting Information Technology at the heart of Facilitating Healthcare delivery . it's common sense applied. It assists dealing with customers, assets, or changes and upgrades to Services, Procedures or Healthcare environments.

Why should I use SmartBeds?

SmartBeds is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy on the pocket. Just sign up and start using it, you'll be creating incidents within 10 minutes with no need for a manual. SmartBeds is designed with the End User in mind, not with enforcing a process, so it'll be a breeze to introduce to your business. And by adopting SmartBeds you will be putting more structure into your service management processes is good for your customers, staff and ultimately your business.

How is SmartBeds different to other Service Management tools?

SmartBeds has been designed with the end user in mind rather than supporting every last detail of a framework. At the end of the day it's all about the people who have to use it. In Terms of Benefits , We feel SmartBeds wins when it comes to ease of use. SmartBeds is a nice and easy to use tool that covers Incident management or Issue tracking at the Ward Level , and can be easily customised for many Healthcare Settings . To get the true benefit from implementing service management processes you need an integrated tool that lets you see how your Bed Management procedures relate to and affect one another, A Knowledge Management Tool.

What is service management?

Service management, or more specifically Health Service Management, is a discipline for managing systems with a focus on the customer/user's perspective. Health Service management covers the management of changes to a system and the managed implementation of those changes, as well as the management of your assets and infrastructure. This provides a Safer Clinical Environment , with Reduces Risks and Improves Flow and efficiency.

How can I get SmartBeds?

Sign up online for a 30 day free trial, no downloads required. All you'll need is an internet connection and a modern browser such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer v7+. Sign up here. If you have any questions before signing up please get in touch with us for a chat.

Who's behind SmartBeds?

SmartBeds is a product of Future Healthcare NI

We specialise in designing and building software that helps the complex business of Healthcare tick. We are passionate about ensuring it's quality , and ability to deliver.


Is SmartBeds a Patient tracker?

SmartBeds is so much more than a Patient tracker! You can use SmartBeds to Admit, reassign, Transfer and Discharge, or you can use the the 'Metrics' part of SmartBeds to gain insights into issues against Services undergoing change or development. SmartBeds can be used for projects in development (and we certainly use it like this) but to get the most from it you need to look at the bigger picture of all your service sand how you go about managing Patients, known Issues and Change management - something that a standard EMR can't do.

Is SmartBeds a help desk or service desk application?

SmartBeds is a service desk with a whole lot more. It has you covered from end to end with dynamic Hospital Bed, change management.

What are SmartBeds's main features?

SmartBeds covers the following main elements , these are: Admission , Discharge, Transfer , Analytics.

Does SmartBeds have email integration?

Yes! We' have email integration .

Does SmartBeds have API's

They're coming soon

What about Reports?

For each of the Bed status sections, we have customisable reports that can be scheduled to run and be emailed to users daily, weekly or at whatever frequency you desire. For larger system wide or service reports we have a modest list that we intend on adding to. All business are different and have different requirements so we envisage this section to get fairly large and are open to your suggestions about what you'd like to see here.

What's coming up?

There's plenty! Things we are currently working on: Basic API's Fully customisable branding for the customer portal;Respond-by timeframes for incidents; A 'week view' for Bed status ;Knowledge management Service ; Improved change approval process ;Improved change testing. We have many good ideas for both new features and ways to enhance existing features and we'd love to hear you ideas too - so please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about things you'd like to see that aren't offered, chances are they will be on our to-do list.

How customisable is SmartBeds?

You can customise: Service level Agreements ; Admission types, categories and priority descriptions per service ;Customer portal branding ;User rights to change approval, configuration management, time tracking and admin. We don't currently build for individual customised extensions to standard functionality.

Pricing and Plans

How much does SmartBeds cost?

We can offer per Bed license per Year, and the more licenses you have the lower the cost. Contact us for a Customised Quotation.

Does the cost reduce as I add more users?

It will depend on the number of user licenses you get. If you want more than 200 licenses get in touch with us and we'll customise a pricing plan for you.

What's a user license?

We don't have any plans, just pay on a per license basis, but we can customise a pricing plan for you if you have more than 200 users. Get in touch if you want to discuss pricing plans with us.

How do you calculate my bill if I add / remove user licenses?

If you have 20 user licenses, that means you're allowed up to 20 users (users marked as inactive or deleted users don't count). Your customers can use the customer portal to log details.

How do you calculate my bill if I add / remove licenses?

You pay for the month in advance so if you add or remove any licenses, your next bill will contain a discount or addition. Discounts and additional amounts are calculated on a pro-rata basis.

How does the free trial work?

Sign up for your free 30 day trial, add as many users as you like - it won't cost a cent. We'll contact you before your trial ends and you can choose how many user licenses you want to start paying for. You are not obliged to keep using SmartBeds once the trial period is up, however any data you had entered during the trial will still be there and usable for the next 6 months. Sign up for a free trial here.

Best Practices & Policies

Will I have any obligations if I sign up?

No - you have no obligations and and can choose to leave whenever you like.

What is Bed Management?

Bed Management deals with 'Patient Flow' ( Admission and Discharge ) Processes. There will have a timeframe within which it needs to be resolved by in order for Patients to feel OK about it. Bed management is about getting your Patients Admitted and Discharged by whatever means necessary. Reporting is Centralised to help Improve Patient Safety and Service Delivery . Managing Patient Flow means the right priority, an appropriate deadline, open communication with the right people, understanding the Patient's context and what and who it affects. You should be able to accurately measure your Service Level Agreement compliancy and understand your incident hotspots and their wider affects.

What is Problem Management?

A problem is a recurring issue that affects a service. It could be a technical glitch, something unclear about the UI, or the absence of a feature or certain information that customers keep requesting. A problem will indicate an underlying issue with a service that needs a short term and/or long term solution. Problems are not incidents - a customer might be affected by an incident which is then resolved i.e. the service for that customer has been restored to normal levels, but the problem might still be there just waiting to occur again and again. It should be logged, associated with any related incidents and investigated for short and long term fixes. Problem management is a proactive way of managing your services, and it's a bridge between keeping customers happy and keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently.

What is Change Management?

A Change or 'RFC '(Request for Change) - we simply refer to them as 'Changes' in SmartBeds for the sake of simplicity. 'Changes' means any change to a service or to something that will affect a service should be defined and logged as a Change, Like an Online Localised 'Suggestion Box' at the Ward / Team Level . Change Management allows you to justify any change, have that change go through an approval process, plan the urgency and impact and allocate resources. You should also be able to tightly manage the plan, build and test phases of a change.

Can I get advice for implementing Improved Healthcare processes in my Healthcare business?

We are available to consult to your business and help you put processes in place, or we can put you in touch with the right people to do this depending on your needs.

How does the free trial work?

Sign up for your free 30 day trial, add as many users as you like - it won't cost a cent. We'll contact you before your trial ends and you can choose how many user licenses you want to start paying for. You are not obliged to keep using SmartBeds once the trial period is up, however any data you had entered during the trial will still be there and usable for the next 6 months. Sign up for a free trial here.

Set-up & Support

What equipment do I need to use SmartBeds?

You'll need an internet connection and a modern browser. We recommend Firefox, Safari, and also support IE7+. Your customers accessing the SmartBeds Customer Portal will need at least IE6.

Can SmartBeds be deployed on site?

No problems, get in touch with us and we'll arrange to deploy SmartBeds on site so you can keep your data close to home.

Can I import all my historical data?

If it's possible to extract data from your old system then we will do everything we can to help you do this so we can then import it into SmartBeds. Soon you'll be able to use the SmartBeds API to migrate data from your existing system into SmartBeds.

What about upgrades?

You won't need to worry about upgrades. Because SmartBeds is 'Software as a Service'(SaaS) they will just happen at a suitable time. Don't worry - we'll keep you informed about new features.

Where do I go for SmartBeds help and support?

Pick up the phone, email, instant message, skype, whatever suits you, and be assured you'll be talking to a real person. Our full contact details can be found here. Our Online Help Centre will be coming soon!

What hours of coverage does SmartBeds support provide?

SmartBeds support is currently provided on a phone and email basis during UK business hours only. Feel free to try us outside of these hours, as we live on the internet and love what we do. But no promises. For peace of mind, we continually monitor the application for uptime around the clock and have engineers on call to react should we experience major issues with the site. We take uptime very seriously. As SmartBeds grows we will be looking to increase our support coverage to a 24/7 basis but at this stage the economies of scale are simply not there for us to be able to offer SmartBeds with 24x7 support at a competitive price to our customers. For that we apologise, but we'll get there.

When do you schedule your outages?

Inevitably, we will have to schedule downtime on SmartBeds to release new goodies into the wild, and to keep it in tip top condition. We'll ensure we give you plenty of notice and try to schedule outages during low periods of activity. Hopefully, when you're all tucked up in bed.

What happens to my data if I choose to leave?

We'll keep your data online for 6 months after you leave so you can always come back. If you want a copy of it or want it removed just ask us.

Security & Privacy

What security measures does SmartBeds have to protect my data?

We use 128 bit SSL encryption, this is the same level of encryption that banks use Our servers are hosted at Peer1 in the US and secure data centres in UK. Only a select few authorised personnel at SmartBeds have admin access to the SmartBeds servers Our databases are continually replicated and backed up to secure locations every night No one has access to your account unless you give them access to it.

Can SmartBeds or Future Healthcare staff see my data?

No, only people you add as users to your account can see your data.

What is your privacy policy?

Read our privacy policy Here

What are your terms and conditions?

Read our terms and conditions Here